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Sathya Adithya Thati

MS (Dual Degree) Sathya Adithya Thati
B4-102, IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli
Hyderabad - 500032
Andhra Pradesh
Telephone: +91-40-6653-1422
Email: sathya.adithya@research.iiit.ac.in
Personal page: http://speech.iiit.ac.in/~sathya

Recent Publications:
  1. Sathya Adithya Thati, Sudheer K. and B. Yegnanarayana, "Synthesis of laughter by modifying excitation characteristics", 2013. [More] [Digital]
  2. Sathya Adithya Thati, "Analysis for synthesis of nonverbal elements of speech communication based on excitation source information", 2012. [More] [Digital]
  3. Gomathi Ramya, Sathya Adithya Thati, Karthik Venkat and B. Yegnanarayana, "Analysis of Mimicry Speech", 2012. [More] [Digital]
  4. Sathya Adithya Thati, Bajibabu Bollepalli, Peri Bhaskararao and B. Yegnanarayana, "Analysis of Breathy Voice based on Excitation Characteristics of Speech Production", 2012. [More] [Digital]
  5. Bajibabu Bollepalli, Ronanki Srikanth, Sathya Adithya Thati, Bhiksha Raj, B. Yegnanarayana and Kishore S. Prahallad, "A Comparison of Prosody Modification Using Instants of Significant Excitation and Mel-cepstral Vocoder", 2011. [More]
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