Speech and Vision Lab

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Research Activities


  • Speech and man-machine communication related research areas
  • Speech signal processing
  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Speaker verification and recognition
  • Speech enhancement
  • Spoken language identification
  • Event based analysis of speech
  • Speech enhancement in multi-speaker environment
  • Development of phonetic engine for Indian languages
  • Speaker segmentation and tracking
  • Automatic prosody and duration modeling and manipulation
  • Studies on throat microphone speech
  • Low bit rate coding of speech


Vision related research areas

  • One dimensional processing of images
  • Segmentation of textured images
  • Algorithms for matching noisy and distorted images
  • Algorithms for matching stereo images
  • Algorithms for Geographical Information System
  • Content-based storage and retrieval of information
  • Face detection and recognition studies
  • Person authentication by audio/video based techniques


Computational intelligence and related research areas

  • Applications of artificial neural networks




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