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Video Shot Segmentation Using Late Fusion Technique
Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2008
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: feature extraction, image colour analysis, image fusion, image motion analysis, image segmentation, image sequences, object detection, video signal processingcamera, color histogram, feature vector, late fusion technique, object motion, shot boundary dete
Authors: C. Krishna Mohan, Dhananjaya N., B. Yegnanarayana  
In this paper, a new method for detecting shot boundaries in video sequences using a late fusion technique is proposed. The method uses color histogram as the feature, and processes each bin separately for detecting shot boundaries. The decisions from individual bins are combined later for hypothesizing the presence of shot boundaries. The method provides a certain degree of robustness against illumination and camera/object motion, as it ignores small changes in the bins. While the early fusion techniques rely on the extent of change in color information, the proposed technique relies on the number of significant changes. Experimental results successfully validate the new method and show that it can effectively detect both abrupt and gradual transitions.
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