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Is word-to-phone mapping better than phone-phone mapping for handling English words?
Research Area: Speech Synthesis Year: 2013
Type of Publication: In Proceedings  
Authors: Naresh Kumar Elluru, Anandaswarup Vadapalli, Veera Raghavendra Elluru, Hema A Murthy, Kishore S. Prahallad  
In this paper, we relook at the problem of pronunciation of English words using native phone set. Specifically, we in- vestigate methods of pronouncing English words using Telugu phoneset in the con- text of Telugu Text-to-Speech. We com- pare phone-phone substitution and word- phone mapping for pronunciation of En- glish words using Telugu phones. We are not considering other than native language phoneset in all our experiments. This dif- ferentiates our approach from other works in polyglot speech synthesis.
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