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Gautam Varma Mantena

Research Scholar (PhD) Gautam Varma Mantena
B4-104, IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli
Hyderabad - 500032
Andhra Pradesh
Telephone: +91-40-6653-1414
Email: gautam.mantena@research.iiit.ac.in
Personal page: http://speech.iiit.ac.in/~gautam

Recent Publications:
  1. Gautam Varma Mantena and Xavier Anguera, "Speed Improvements to Information Retrieval-Based Dynamic Time Warping Using Hierarchical K-means Clustering", in ICASSP, pp. 8515-8519, 2013. [More] [Digital]
  2. Gautam Varma Mantena and Kishore S. Prahallad, "IIIT-H SWS 2013: Gaussian Posteriorgrams of Bottle-Neck Features for Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection", in MediaEval 2013 Multimedia Benchmark Workshop, 2013. [More] [Digital]
  3. Florian Metze et al., "The Spoken Web Search Task at MediaEval 2011", in ICASSP, pp. 5165-5168, 2012. [More] [Digital]
  4. Gautam Varma Mantena, S. Rajendran, Suryakanth V Gangashetty, B. Yegnanarayana and Kishore S. Prahallad, "Development of a Spoken Dialogue System for accessing Agricultural Information in Telugu", in International Conference on Natural Language Processing, December 2011. [More] [Digital]
  5. Gautam Varma Mantena, S. Rajendran, B. Rambabu, Suryakanth V Gangashetty, B. Yegnanarayana and Kishore S. Prahallad, "A Speech-Based Conversation System for Accessing Agriculture Commodity Prices in Indian Languages", in Hands-free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays, Edinburgh UK, June 2011. [More] [Digital]
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