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# Title Authors Year Journal's impact factor
Results 51 - 75 of 571
1 Image reconstruction from noisy digital holograms C.P. Mariadassou, B. Yegnanarayana 1990 --
2 Formant extraction from phase using weighted group delay function H.A. Murthy, K.V. Madhu Murthy, B. Yegnanarayana 1989 --
3 Formant extraction from linear prediction phase spectra B. Yegnanarayana 1978 --
4 Radial basis function networks for fast contingency ranking D. Devaraj, B. Yegnanarayana, K. Ramar 2002 --
5 On the use of phase of the Fourier transform for face recognition under variations in illumination Anil Kumar Sao, B. Yegnanarayana 2009 --
6 Speaker-specific mapping for text-independent speaker recognition Hemant Misra, Shajith Ikbal, B. Yegnanarayana 2003 --
7 Extraction of speaker-specific excitation information from linear prediction residual of speech S.R. Mahadeva Prasanna, Cheedella S. Gupta, B. Yegnanarayana 2006 --
8 Modeling durations of syllables using neural networks K. Sreenivasa Rao, B. Yegnanarayana 2007 --
9 Multimodal person authentication using speech, face and visual speech S. Palanivel, B. Yegnanarayana 2008 --
10 Speaker change detection in casual conversations using excitation source features Dhananjaya N., B. Yegnanarayana 2008 --
11 Extraction and representation of prosodic features for language and speaker recognition Leena Mary, B. Yegnanarayana 2008 --
12 Intonation modeling for Indian languages K. Sreenivasa Rao, B. Yegnanarayana 2009 --
13 Studies in a reverberation room with highly absorbing sample B. Yegnanarayana, C. G. Balachandran 1972 --
14 Diffusion of decaying sound field in a reverberation room with a highly absorbing sample B. Yegnanarayana, B. S. Ramakrishna 1974 --
15 Intelligibility of speech under nonexponential decay conditions B. Yegnanarayana, B. S. Ramakrishna 1975 --
16 Waveform estimation using group delay processing B. Yegnanarayana, J. Sreekanth, A. Rangarajan 1985 --
17 A speaker recognition scheme on a minicomputer based on a signal processing facility V. V. S. Sarma, B. Yegnanarayana, T. V. Ananthapadmanabha 1978 --
18 Speech analysis by pole-zero decomposition of short-time spectra B. Yegnanarayana 1981 --
19 Word boundary hypothesization in Hindi speech G. V. Ramana Rao, B. Yegnanarayana 1991 --
20 A combined neural network approach for texture classification P. P. Raghu, R. Poongodi, B. Yegnanarayana 1995 --
21 A Simple Approach for Building Transliteration Editors for Indian Languages Prahallad Lavanya, Kishore S. Prahallad, Ganapathi Raju Madhavi 2005 --
22 Use of fuzzy mathematical concepts in character spotting for automatic recognition of continuous speech in Hindi P. Eswar, C. Chandra Sekhar, B. Yegnanarayana 1992 --
23 Unsupervised texture classification using vector quantization and deterministic relaxation neural network P.P. Raghu, R. Poongodi, B. Yegnanarayana 1997 --
24 Speech processing using group delay functions Hema A. Murthy, B. Yegnanarayana 1991 --
25 Intonation component of a text-to-speech system for Hindi A. S. Madhukumar, S. Rajendran, B. Yegnanarayana 1993 --