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# Title Authors Year Journal's impact factor
Results 76 - 100 of 575
1 Studies on object recognition from degraded images using neural networks A. Ravichandran, B. Yegnanarayana 1995 --
2 Effectiveness of representation of signals through group delay functions K. V. Madhu Murthy, B. Yegnanarayana 1989 --
3 Signal reconstruction from partial data for sensor array imaging applications B. Yegnanarayana, C. P. Mariadassou, Pramod Saini 1990 --
4 A text to speech interface for Universal Digital Library Kishore S. Prahallad, Black Alan 2005 --
5 Extracting the frequencies of the pinna spectral notches in measured head-related impulse response Vikas C. Rayakar, Ramani Duraiswami, B. Yegnanarayana 2005 --
6 A Simple Approach for Building Transliteration Editors for Indian Languages Prahallad Lavanya, Kishore S. Prahallad, Ganapathi Raju Madhavi 2005 --
7 Speech analysis by pole-zero decomposition of short-time spectra B. Yegnanarayana 1981 --
8 On improvement of performance of isolated word recognition for degraded speech B. Yegnanarayana, Sarat Chandran, Anant Agarwal 1984 --
9 Signal-dependent matching for isolated word speech recognition systems B. Yegnanarayana, T. Sreekumar 1984 --
10 Voice conversion D. G. Childers, Ke Wu, D. M. Hicks, B. Yegnanarayana 1989 --
11 Significance of knowledge sources for a text-to- speech system for Indian languages B. Yegnanarayana, A. S. Madhukumar 1994 --
12 New methods of design of digital filters B. Yegnanarayana 1981 --
13 Status of speech research in India B. Yegnanarayana, S. S. Agrawal 1985 --
14 Application of group delay functions in speech processing B. Yegnanarayana, K. V. Madhu Murthy, A. Hema Murthy 1988 --
15 Artificial neural networks for pattern recognition B. Yegnanarayana 1994 --
16 On timing in time-frequency analysis of speech signals B. Yegnanarayana 1996 --
17 Neural networks for contract bridge bidding B. Yegnanarayana, Deepak Khemani, Manish Sarkar 1996 --
18 Recognition of stop-consonant-vowel (SCV) segments in continuous speech using neural network models C. Chandra Sekhar, B. Yegnanarayana 1996 --
19 Activity Modeling Using Event Probability Sequences N. P. Cuntoor, B. Yegnanarayana, R. Chellappa 2008 --
20 Combining evidence from residual phase and MFCC features for speaker recognition K.S.R. Murty, B. Yegnanarayana 2006 --
21 Speech signal processing for man-machine communications B. Yegnanarayana, V. V. S. Sarma, D. Narayana Dutt 1976 --
22 Speaker Localization Using Excitation Source Information in Speech V.C. Raykar, B. Yegnanarayana, S.R.M. Prasanna, R. Duraiswami 2005 --
23 Event-Based Instantaneous Fundamental Frequency Estimation From Speech Signals B. Yegnanarayana, Sri Rama Murty K. 2009 --
24 Epoch Extraction From Speech Signals Sri Rama Murty K., B. Yegnanarayana 2008 --
25 Processing of reverberant speech for time-delay estimation B. Yegnanarayana, S.R.M. Prasanna, R. Duraiswami, D. Zotkin 2005 --